The basis of Wing Chun is the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, the pair of mutual interacting powers which continually act on us without standstill.
The dark half is named Yin. It is an expression of the passive. The light half is named Yang. It incorporates the active part which completes the full circle. A small part of each is always also included in the other half.
The two opposing principles form a complimenting unity. – Every single half can only exist through a harmony of both halves. Whenever an imbalance occurs, both parts react immediately to restore the balance. Under extreme circumstances this unity falls apart in favour of the one or other half. The harmony is destroyed, and a new relation between Yin and Yang has to be formed. This philosophic view can be applied to life itself, as well as to the martial arts, of which Wing Chun stands out in a special way.

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