Biu Tze

Biu Tze

Biu Tze is the 3rd and last empty hand form in Wing Chun. Biu Tze means “thrusting or shooting fingers” and is the most advance form in the Wing Chun system. In Wing Chun circles it is said “Biu Tze never leaves the house”. This means that a student can learn this form if he or she can show his or her Sifu that they can be trustworthy.

A student must first control the 7 sections of Chi Sao and their applications prior to learning Biu Tze. This prerequisite ensures the student has the proper basics and developed the skill to learn the 3rd form.

Biu Tze is offensive and uses the following techniques in attacking:

• Fingers
• Elbow
• Hand edge
• Fist

In addition to these techniques, several grabbing methods and releases from grabbing are also learned.

The founder and CEO of the IATWC incorporated a one (1) year break of learning new material (after the 5th level) to allow the student to perfect techniques already learned and to mentally prepare to learn Biu Tze.

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