Chum Kiu

Chum Kiu is the 2nd form learned in the Wing Chun system. Pupils normally should learn this form after the Sim Lim Tao form. Chum Kiu means, to search the “bridge” or arms of the opponent.

In contrast to the 1st form, Chum Kiu teaches the student to defend his or herself against attacks of an opponent, by striking a “bridge” over the arms and thus creating contact.

Wing Chun follows the Chinese tradition in which a student is taught to defend his or her self before learning to attack. If a student would learn how to attack first, his or her concentration would be only on attacking the opponent and would disregard protection. The student may defeat the aggressor but the student would also suffer a large amount of damage to his or her self.

Thus the 1st form (Siu Lim tao) serves as the basics of learning:

• techniques
• proper respiration
• elbow energy
• chain punching and it’s impact

The 2nd form (Chum Kiu) teaches:

• defense capability
• footwork
• coordination of movement (between the upper and lower body)
• chain punching and edged hand striking

The techniques learned from the Chum Kiu form teach the student to defend his or her self against all manner of attacks including (throws, chokes, pulling, punches, kicks and grabs). The main technique used in the Chum Kiu form is the Bong Sao (70 – 80%).

Although Wing Chun uses few techniques, the understanding of Chum Kiu teaches the student to defend more with less.

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