Chi Sao

Chi Sao (i.e. sticking hands) is the most important exercise in the Wing Chun system. This complex exercise is designed to develop specific attributes in the student such as:
• Fast reflexes
• Sensitivity to detect oncoming attacks
• Techniques which respond without conscious thought
The reflex is unconscious movement or reaction to an unexpected movement or attack. Examples of unconscious reflexes are:
• Pulling your hand back from something hot
• Slapping your arm when a bug crawls on it.
• Jerking backwards or throwing your arms up when someone jumps from behind a corner
Each person reflexes reacts to different situations in different ways. Some react faster, some slower, and others not at all. The purpose of Chi Sao training is to develop a fast reaction which is much faster than the average human being. Chi Sao teaches the student to adapt to the actions of his or her partner. Each person that the student practices with will respond and act in a different manner. Because of this dilemma, the student must always adapt to each situation which makes each Chi Sao session unique and never the same
Many martial arts schools teach fighting techniques. Even though a student may know these techniques, most have a difficult time executing them in a real fighting situation. The reason for the awkwardness or difficulty is due to the student having to “think” of the correct response to the attack (i.e. if the aggressor punches, should I use my right or left hand to block and which block should I use?)
Chi Sao training helps eliminate this problem by ingraining the combative techniques into enhanced reflexes. With this unique training method, the student is taught to unconsciously react to any type of attack.
The two methods that develop the unconscious reflex are:
• Single arm Chi Sao (Daan Chi)
• Double arm Chi Sao
Daan Chi is the basic exercise used which is centered around the core techniques of Wing Chun (Bong Sao, Fook Sao, and Tan Sao) as well as teaching basic punching principles (with the fist and palm)
Double-arm Chi Sao builds on the foundation developed in Daan Chi and incorporates more immediate and advanced methods of attacking and defense.

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