The International Association of Traditional Wing Chun (IATWC).
The initial idea of this organisation has been turned into a reality through the foundation of EAWC, with the help of numerous friends of Sifu H.-J. Flecken, on January 1st 1996. The first step had been taken. His world wide contacts, as well as his great interest in traditional Wing Chun and the consequent translation of the teachings of Yip Man, lead to the foundation of IATWC in the same year. The secret of its success is the direct reference to the traditional and original Wing Chun, as it had been taught by Yip Man and practised by his two sons. The name Wing Chun is the oldest and first translation of the Chinese original by Bruce Lee, a pupil of Yip Man. The IATWC stands for a direct reference to the original tradition of the fighting technique Wing Chun. It is the aim of the IATWC to teach Wing Chun in the traditional way, like it had been taught by Yip Man.
The contact with Samuel Kwok, a responsible representative of Yip Man’s sons, guarantees the preservation of traditional values and techniques like Yip Man lived them, and a continuation of this unique martial art.

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